Cavalry Creative

Novartis - Careers Film

Average site-length visit-times increased from under 2 minutes to over 8 minutes


Using motion-time lapse of the open and leafy green campus, steadicam shots of the world-class laboratories, and interviews with everyone from the IT department to the CEO, Cavalry helped set the mood to reveal what it’s like to work for Novartis, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. 

The client wanted a visual style that captured their organization’s culture: a community oriented and collaborative group of people who are united in their shared sense of mission and purpose. We interviewed people across the organization to show how every employee - across all functions - felt empowered to contribute their skills. 

Our crew needed to present the Swiss headquarters and it’s facilities, which had been filmed countless times, in a way that was fresh, different and unexpected. We delivered a recruiting video for the Novartis careers landing page using a lean crew, quickly and efficiently.


Novartis recruiting video