Cavalry Creative




Let us tell your story

At Cavalry Creative, we provide full end to end content creation.

We use a documentary-style approach using the right balance of interviews, footage, motion graphics and animation supported by a custom score to deliver your messaging and more importantly, tell your story.


Corporate films,
not corporate video

No one likes looking at a PowerPoint deck. We will take your message and weave it into a compelling story that will reach your intended audience. Whatever your goals are, awareness, traffic, engagement or sales inquiries, we can build an appropriate narrative and format that will meet your needs. We work with clients every step of the way, from ideation and concept to final cut and distribution. We produce campaign series, marketing material, highlights or brand identity videos that reflect your company.


Virtual Reality,
your story in 360

Cavalry uses all the latest digital tools, from HD/4K production to Virtual Reality/360 video. We have portable solutions that can go anywhere. We have an in-house team of producers that have worked for Reuters, The New York Times, The World Economic Forum that are ready to handle any challenge. With over 10 years of traveling the world we’ve built up a network of talented specialists all over the globe. We are just as comfortable in Nairobi as we are in New York City.


Here comes the Cavalry

Cavalry Creative provides full end to end production services for agencies, public relations or production companies.

We employ client-friendly producers and directors that can handle your project and deliver a high-quality production on time and on budget. Whether you need full end to end production of a video deliverable or a talented crew to fly your flag, Cavalry has you covered. With our 10 years of experience working with multinational corporate clients, we ensure trust and confidentiality.


Your crew,
anywhere in the world

We may be based in Paris and Toronto, but we have built a network of talented crew all over the world. Our clients have taken us everywhere from Stockholm, Addis Abba and Shanghai to Manilla, San Salvador and Davos. We have DOPs, camera operators, assistants, fixers, equipment rental and other logistics such as translators, transport and permits covered. If we haven’t been there yet, we know someone who has.


Branded Content

Calvary works with you to discover the brand behind the content and bring it to life in unique and unexpected ways. Brand integration into content is a vital part of the media mix that helps brands grow and reach their goals.